We cut all of our products here in our studio in Colorado via laser cutter or CNC machine. They are made to order when you purchase which allows us to control our inventory a little better as a small business. We appreciate you and your support.

Laser Cut Wood


We mask all of our wood first, but air pockets can leave a few smoke marks in places. This is perfectly okay! You'll receive your pieces with the masking left on to protect it during shipping.


Simply peel the masking off from both sides. Be careful! Small pieces are delicate. If you're going to paint the pieces these smoke marks are easily covered.


If you wish to stain them, use a 180 grit sand paper or a some denatured alcohol and a toothbrush to prep your pieces. We usually just paint right over them.

Our Favorite Products

These are the products we love to use most with our laser cut pieces. Some are marked with an asterisk as they are a referral link. We receive a small % of the sale when you click those links.

Denatured Alcohol - for cleaning smoke marks (purchase at your local hardware store).