Our Story

Hi there, my name is Holly. I'm really happy to have you here. I work with my mom, Cyndi, to create fun jewelry and accessories for you.

In 2018, I purchased a Glowforge Pro. I was super excited about the possibilities. Using a laser cutter for our creative business felt like a no-brainer. Over the past few years, we've evolved and tried many things to find the right niche. I'm even more excited to say that we upgraded to a larger laser in 2022, the Aeon Mira 9. We can product our products much faster.

None of those things would have ever been possible if our friends, family, and amazing customers like you didn't support us. So thank you.


Facts About Us

  • We're a mother-and-daughter team. I'm Holly, and mama is Cyndi. Feel free to call her mama! I do the designing and admin side. Mama does a lot of production for us as well as shipping.
  • We live in a suburb of Denver, Colorado. We love those mountain views.
  • Our shop dog is named Walter. He's so cute.
  • We've been doing this business since 2018!
  • We sell laser files to other laser users here.

Should You Get a Glowforge?

We have loved our Glowforge Pro, and we plan on keeping it after our Mira 9 arrives for smaller projects. I feel it's a great machine for those not looking for too much technical involvement and who want a simple plug-and-play machine. Of course, if your plans are to do high volume you may find it slows you down a bit. But as a starter, it's great. So great I want to offer you up to $500 off your Glowforge. Here's my affiliate link - we both get a deal out of it.